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Official Microsoft Painkiller Pro Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller Red Controller S-Type

Part Number 00036013MR2-2-2-2-2
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Official Microsoft Painkiller Pro Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller Red Controller S-Type
360 RED Painkiller Pro Rapidfire Controller
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Thumbstick Options
ABXY Buttons
Top Bumper Assembly
Bottom Trim (Mic Plate)
Ring of Light LED Color
LIGHT UP THUMBSTICKS RED / BLUE Lightup Thumbsticks [+$31.99]
PRO MODE SELECTION ADD ON Button on Back for PRO MODES [+$20.00]
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How to Operate your PainKiller PRO

Mode 1 - Programmable RT only
Mode 2 - Programmable Dual Trigger on Single Trigger Rapid Fire
Mode 3 - Programmable RT/LT
Mode 4 - Programmable 3 Shot Burst
Mode 5 - Programmable 5 Shot Burst
Mode 6 - Super Fast Mode - World at War,MW,MW2,MW3

Mode 7 - Fast Rapid Fire  also MW2 MW3

Mode 8 - Burst Mode - World at War, MW,MW2,Black Ops,MW3

Mode 9 - Dual Trigger Rapid Fire on SINGLE TRIGGER. Pull the right trigger with guns in both hands and both shoot - no need to use two hands to fire. Makes dual guns more accurate and easier to use. Perfect Akimbo Mode.
Mode 10 - Dual Trigger Rapid Fire for games that have 2 weapons (right and left) Like Halo 3 (Duel Welding)
Mode 11 - A Compatible Gears of War Mode
Mode 12 - Medium Rapid Fire and RECOIL mode.  Recoil Mode will allow AUTOMATIC WEAPONS to be more accurate and reduce physics recoil on most guns
Mode 13 - Fast Rapid Fire for other games (FPS) like Left for Dead, Orange Box and more. Best Mode for FAL in MW2 MW3

Mode 14 - Rapid Fire for Black Ops & MW3

Mode 15 - Dual Trigger Rapid Fire for Black Ops & MW3

Mode 16 - 3 Shot Burst for Black Ops & MW3

Mode 17 - Dual Trigger on Single Trigger Rapid Fire for Black Ops. Or for any game that supports Dual Wielding.  Perfect for Akimbos


Mode 18 - Reduction Rapid Fire - COD Black Ops & MW3

Mode 19 - Steady Aim ( Scopes in and holds breath at same time )

Mode 20 - QuickScope - using sniper rifle - press the left trigger and it will do a quickscope and fire - no need to pull the RT to shoot.
Mode 21 - Run & Gun - This is not a rapid fire mode this is for fully automatic weapons, when you shoot it auto aims.  This will not auto align your target you still need to be accurate, but the LT aim will automaticly be enabled when you pull the RT

Pro Modes - accessed with RT+BACK
Mode 1 - Jump Shot with Rapid Fire
Mode 2 - Drop Shot
Mode 3 - Drop shot with Rapid Fire
Mode 4 - Jitter 20 sps - World at War,MW,MW2,Black Op
Mode 5 - Jitter 25 sps - World at War,MW,MW2,Black Ops
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Crystal Blue Special Edition Controller with LED Octofire Rapid Fire
Holiday Special - Xbox 360 Octofire Rapid Fire Mail In Service 53+ Modes + Painkiller Pro Install Free
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