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Q. How is Quickdrawmods Different from the competition ?

A. We offer an industry leading 600 modding products!! LARGEST selection in the industry PERIOD. We are Official Resellers for XCM, Octofire and the Only Place you can get our famous Painkiller Fire Products as well as our Quickpro Tournament enhanced controllers. We also have an INDUSTRY FIRST remap chip for tournament gaming.

Q. Do your controllers work with Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 ?

A.  Absolutely !!  All of our controllers work with both games as well as hundreds of other First Person Shooters.

Q. Why are the controllers so much more expensive then a normal controller ?
A.  Typically a brand new controller from Microsoft or Sony costs $49.99-59.99.  We take that brand new controller out of the box and modify it visually and functionally.  In which require our trained technicians who manually disassemble and reassemble the final product. The added parts and labor drive the cost behind the controller.
Q.  What are the modes?

A.  The modes contain a unique setting.  With that said one "mode" may have rapid fire,and another may have rapid fire with drop shot.  Just think of the modes as the speed settings on your blender. Each one may go faster.

Q.  Is Rapid Fire Legal ?

A.  100% .   Rapid Fire / Turbo controllers have been sold for years by companies like Madcatz and Nyko.  The main difference is our rapid fire is specially designed for First Person Shooters.

Q. How do I know my controller was professionally modded ?

A. Don't be fooled by some back of the truck modder or some guy working out of his bedroom. Our Controller Techs LOVE WHAT THEY DO so they take a lot a pride in their work.  

Q. Do you use brand new controllers for your mods ?

A. Yes, All our controllers are 100% Official Xbox 360 Retail Package. Quickdrawmods does not sell any used controllers. We leave that to the guys we mentioned before (Back of the truck Modders)

Q. Will this work with more than one game?

A. Most Definitely.  We carry a large selection of Rapid Fire Products. Our Scorch Rapid Fire Tech is second to none! Works with BO2, MW3,Black Ops, MW2,Call of Duty Titles,Left 4 Dead,Halo,Gears of War Series and any other FPS you can think of !! 

Q. Can your controllers detected on Xbox Live?

A.  Not at all our controllers have built in Stealth Tech in each chip. Xbox live does not run checks for any type of modded controller.  It is not illegal at all to mod controllers or use rapid fire.  The use of turbo / rapid fire has been around since the first days of consoles.

Q. How long will it take if I choose the Free Shipping Method?

A. After your controller has been built. Depends on where in the USA you live:
Midwest 2-3 Days - East Coast 2-3 Days - West Coast 2-3 Days 

* Please note during Holiday season *
It can take up to 4 days for the build to be completed.
Q. Do you ship Worldwide?
A. Yes,  Each International order also receives a Delivery Confirmation Number as well. However please note the customer will be responsible for any import Tariffs or Taxes. If you have any questions. please contact   
Q. Will I get a Tracking Number with my order?
A. Yes every order receives a Tracking Number with Delivery Confirmation.  We want to assure your package makes it to you.



Rapid Fire - Rapid fire is when you press the RT trigger to fire your weapon and the chip rapidly fires the trigger simulating you pressing the RT trigger over and over very fast. Quickdrawmods rapid fire is state of the art.  No other rapid fire can compare to the solutions we offer. 

Quick Scope - This makes scoping much easier. In Quick Scope mode you just tap LT quickly and let go and the chip will keep LT pressed then fire at the same time.  May vary depending on version of COD.

Drop Shot - Quickdrawmods custom Drop Shot does the job fully. When you pull the RT the chip will instantly and automatically drop you to the floor while doing any other action on the mode you are in (such as aim for you and rapid fire), then as soon as you press RT again you will stand up*. *painiller lite, multi, pro only.

Jump Shot - Will do just as it says.  It will automatically jump when the RT button is pressed.  Making it harder for your foes to get a crosshair on you.  We were one of the first shops to offer this feature.  Now everyone is copying. 

Snipers Breath - Will allow you to hold your breath while zooming with a sniper rifle without having to click the hold breath button down.  It will do it simultaneously when the LT button is pressed. 

Mimic - Allows you to control rapid fire on the LT and RT by simply pressing the RT button.  Also know as Akimbo Mode.

Auto Burst Mode - Auto Burst Mode will allow you to shoot in 2 Round, 3 Round, 4 Round or 5 Round Burst.  May vary with mod choice.

Jitter Mode - Jitter mode takes a normally Burst weapon such as the M16, G11 or any other burst weapon.  Turns them into fully auto weapons shooting until the clip empties.  Jitter mode only works in some COD Titles.  Note: Some games such as MW3 never had jitter functionality to begin with and games like COD:BO2 have removed the ability to Jitter with most guns.  SO Jitter is a mode that work only in a few COD games.

Triple Mode Jitter - Standard Jitter, Jitter with Aim Disabled without Rapid Fire, Jitter with Aim Disabled with Rapid Fire. Depends on Mod choice.

Fast Reload - When you reload your weapon, the Chip will automatically ‘glitch’ on Black Ops about half a second before finishing allowing you to finish reloading that little bit quicker. This works for FN Fal, Famas and a few others. This was patched out of MW3. Also BO2 certain weapons have been jitter N.E.R.F.ed.

Active Reload - Gears of War Series Only.  active reload for lancer, piston, shot gun, sniper/long shot, sawed-off shotgun, retro lancer, and hammerburst.
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