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A Look Inside The Xbox One Controller.

Posted by Kirk on 7/2/2013 to Quick News

Okay so we all had a chance to see and play with the Xbox One controller at E3.  I was always told its not important whats on the outside its inside the matters!

Chinese site Xbox Skyer has what is rumored to be a teardown of an Xbox One controller they picked up in Dongguan, China. That’s a major port city where many goods pass through for export. Given the detail to the insert for the DPad this thing looks like it is legit.  We will see soon!

See the Xbox Ones controller shell INSIDE (CLICK THE JUMP).

Xbox one and PS4 Rapid Fire Coming Soon.

Posted by Administrator on 6/10/2013 to Quick News

We I am sure you all have sat through all the great announcements for the next generation. Now it is our turn to make a next generation announcement. Today we are proud to announce we will be supporting the XBOX ONE game console on day ONE. We will have pre-orders up soon and will be offering our first rapid-fire chip for the Xbox One controller. The PK ONE (painkiller one)will offer all the great rapid fire and macro features we offer on the Xbox 360 console. From Adjustable rapid fire to macro moves such has dropshot, jitter and more will be available on the PK ONE. Come back later on this summer to pre-order your Xbox One rapid fire enhanced controller.

We will also be looking in to supporting the Playstation 4.  While we can make no specific promises at this moment, we are hoping that the controller for the new generation console from Sony will be a better and more modding friendly that the last generation which we decided to stop selling after many quality issues with the multiple revisions of the PS3 Dualshock 3.  We will be updating you all on this, much later this year, and we cannot re-evaluate our position on a Sony controller at this time as we have to wait until we get much closer to launch of the new PS4 system.

Also we will be offering a full selection of enhancement products to give your controller a unique look and bring out your style when you game.   We will be offering Shells in multiple colors and styles.  Buttons, Bumpers, Triggers, Mic-plates and more to give your controller the unique look YOU WANT.

Holiday 2012 Video

Posted by Administrator on 12/24/2012 to Quick News

Welcome to the new  We hope you all had a great holiday.  I will post this video on the home page until we open on Dec 26th.  It will be used as a quick reference on where to find all the info you need about any of our rapid fire controller products.  You can reference the video here in the new section as well, after the Jump.  (Click the news story name to get to it)

Playstation 3 Rapid Fire is HERE! Painkiller Carbon for PS3

Posted by Administrator on 4/4/2012 to Quick News

The Title says it all. Finally, the Painkiller Carbon Rapid fire chip is done for PS3 controllers.  Head over to our growing ps3 section and check out the latest rapid fire technology for PS3.  The Painkiller Carbon chip for PS3 will give you the same great rapid fire experience we created and maintained on Xbox 360 for years now. 

We will be offering Pre-modded controller and mail in service.

Transforming D-Pad Conversions, Kits and Pre-Mods for ANY CONTROLLER

Posted by Administrator on 3/3/2012 to Quick News

Well the time is here.  No more disc like D-pads. The Transforming D-Pad is a revolutionary product for the xbox 360 controller and it is a shame that Microsoft has decided to only put it in certain controllers.  When you buy a new system the controllers do not have it.  The only way to get it is to buy a Limited edition or special edition controller.

Well that is no longer the case.  The Transforming D-Pad replacements have been around for a few weeks now.  The 3rd party shells to fit these D-pads are few and far between.   We here at are tired of waiting for the 3rd party companies to give us shells that can use these Transforming D-pads.  We decided to extensively study the controller and see if it was possible to convert the existing controllers on the market and allow them to use the transforming D-Pad.  After weeks of research and testing and custom making tools, the answer is YES.

You can check our Facebook gallery here.

You can see we have already converted many of the most popular limited edition, special editions and even standard controllers.  It's now possible to just have a standard Black or White controller with the transforming D-Pad.  We also have the D-Pads in TWO COLORS, Gold and the original Silver.

Due to the tools and equipment needed, this will not be a simple process, we will only be doing the conversions in our workshop.

We will be accepting mail in service for you to transform your shells to allow you to use the convertible D-PAD, due to a standard shipping cost one shell might not be worth it, but we will be offering huge discounted rates for more than one shell at a time.  The best part is you only need to mail in the top half of your shell (which will be the preferred method for those who can disassemble their controller).  We will be offering a box service as well which will include a Torx T8, in case you don't have one to disassemble your controllers and you can mail in just the top of your shell. 

We will also be selling Pre-Modified Rapid Fire controllers with the D-Pad installed and we will offer shell kits for those who want to just swap over their controller board. 


I am sure this will make a lot of gamers happy.

Again You can check our Facebook gallery here.

Christmas 2011 is almost here Don't let your gift of Rapid Fire get away.

Posted by Administrator on 12/20/2011 to Quick News

Christmas is almost here. This is your last chance to get your rapid fire controllers in time for the holiday. All items ordered before 11:30pm will ship next day at 10am. Orders placed today (before 11:30pm) with priority mail option will get there by Christmas eve. All Items ordered after 12/20/2011 will need to ship express to get there in time. We do also have Fed-Ex and UPS options that will get there in time too. Fell free to give us a call - we will be glad to go above and beyond to get your order to you in time.

Coupon Codes

Posted by Administrator on 12/10/2011 to Quick News

Welcome to the new We have been getting a lot of e-mails about coupon codes not working. You must be a registered user in order for a coupon code to work. Many of the codes we give out or promotions we run are for registered users only. If you still cannot get a valid coupon to work once registered then please contact us via CRM, e-mail or even phone and we will do everything we can to get your coupon validated. Again for those of you who are new customers and did not sign up for an account, adding a valid coupon will not work until you are registered. Thanks for visitng Qucikdrawmods.

REVIEW ROUND-UP "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3"

Posted by Brent Hankins at on 11/8/2011 to Quick News

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360, PS3, PC November 8, 2011 Metacritic Score: (90/100) Destructoid: (95/100) “Modern Warfare 3 has to be commended on just how immersive it is. Featuring engaging player character animations and environments packed full of violent action, the game never once loses its grip on the player’s attention, compelling him or...

Build Your Own Painkiller Controller

Posted by Administrator on 10/30/2011 to Quick News

Just a Quick update today.

Design your own Painkiller rapid fire controller is now on sale. Painkiller was given its own category on the main page and we will be adding more subcategories soon.  We will still upgrade all 13 mode purchases for official Microsoft controllers and special edition controllers to painkiller multi jitter if you do so want one.  This offer will end once all 3 painkiller subcategories are up.  Please join our Facebook page for specials and promotions.  Also follow us on twitter as as we will be sending updates often. 

Design your own painkiller will allow you to choose from painkiller lite, multi or PRO.  Choose the controller shell you want and further customize it from there, you may leave stock options if you wish.  Painkiller lite and multi will ship next day.  Painkiller pro orders will ship starting 11/4/2011 as we are still finalizing the +5 pro add-on.  We will also offer the external button solution for those of you who  don't like macro combos to swap the +5 pro modes.

Videos will be up soon.

Painkiller pro logo is finalized and we want to give a shout out to DWS414 for his hard work getting all the site graphics and logos up and looking great.

Painkiller Rapid Fire Controller

Posted by Kirk on 10/29/2011 to Quick News

What is Painkiller?

Painkiller is going to be the next series of my Rapid Fire Chips.  Painkiller is going to give you everything you asked for and more.  We have added Programmable Modes of all types.  We have Jitter Rapid Fire, We have quickscope, Drop Shot, Jump Shot, run and gun mode and more.  We are still programing our mods on the same architecture as before.  This keeps us low cost and easy to update.  We have decided that instead of jumping to a new chip type it would be better to stick with what we know.  This keeps the cycle of development shorter and more cost effective.  While I do all the work on my own in house, I still have a team of testers and quality assurance people that still adds a slight development cost when it comes to new chips.  I am proud to announce that the next generation is here.

Did you know that our 13 mode has over 1400 Sales?  In less than one year with next to no marketing and only a FREE WEBSITE and an eBay account we have managed to be the number one underground name in rapid fire.  We didn't offer the BEST CHIP out there, but we were a fair price and gave the customer every standard rapid fire mode they could need to get the advantage, and we even offered UNIQUE modes that everyone else now copies that originated with US.  Now we have decided to go to the next level and become a full modification solution specialist and really up our game with our rapid fire solutions.

This rapid fire design was built to be the First, Last and only solution you need for your FPS gaming needs, without buying a 3rd party controller from some no-name company, or spending $150+ on a standard controller with some of our competitors overpriced rapid fire solutions.  Lastly we did not want to become viking and have a over complicated and very expensive solution to rapid fire.

So where do we stand?

PAINKILLER is finished and is ON SALE NOW.  Any Official Microsoft controller or Special Edition controller with our 13 mode chip that is purchased on the site will be auto upgraded to Painkiller with jitter.  Once we add Painkiller officially to the store, the 13 mode will continue to sell as a great lower cost solution, but will no longer be our premier chip. 

Painkiller will be offered in many flavors. Our 3 main categories will be Painkiller PRO, Painkiller multi and Painkiller Lite.  Let me explain how this will work.  It will be very easy to get what you need and explore the options you want.

Painkiller pro will be a Multi button solution (all stealth - though we can offer a external button if you so desire).  Painkiller pro will be 21 + 5 Modes.  A total of 26 modes.  5 Programmable - the 13 mode that has been proven as a overall FPS solution for hard coded modes, Jitter, Drop Shot, Jump Shot, Quick Scope, Run and Gun and Sniper Breath.

Painkiller lite will be a 7 programmable mode solution (which will give you TWO RT banks and TWO RT/LT independent Rapid fire banks.)  We will only offer two flavors of painkiller lite, Jitter or Snipers breath - No Jump shot or Drop shot on painkiller lite, although we are considering the PRO add-on for the + 5 solution in the future, depending on demand.  Painkiller lite will have Two options available without the pending +5 Pro add on.  Those modes are Jitter or Snipers breath as pointed out above.  This will be available as a drop down when you order.

Lastly is Painkiller Multi, (or just plain old Painkiller).  This will be offered in 4 options. Your choice will be Jitter, Drop Shot, Jump Shot, or Sniper Breath.  If you have to have ALL OF THEM, then just go with painkiller PRO.  This will be our standard Premier solution and the default option will be JITTER.  Again you will be able to select from a drop down which of the 4 choices you want with your painkiller mod.

So when can you get this? NOW!
Painkiller Multi with Jitter is available now - just pick up any OFFICIAL MICROSOFT CONTROLLER or Special edition controller and I will upgrade you to Painkiller Multi for free.  Once we have finished a rigorous test of the PRO ADD ON, painkiller pro will be available both here and on our eBay store as well as many of our authorized resellers.  Painkiller Lite is also available for sale, if you purchase a 3 mode programmable jitter and want painkiller lite instead, feel free to let me know in the notes section before you check out and I will gladly install painkiller Lite for you with Jitter or Snipers breath.

Thanks for checking out and I hope to do business with you all soon.

Promotional Material, Directions, Photos, videos and more are in the works now, expect everything done and ready to go by November 8th.

Farewell for now,

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Controllers are IN STOCK!

Posted by Kirk on 10/20/2011 to Quick News

Are you ready for Modern Warfare3? We are! With a new Rapid Fire chip in the works that will be the first, last and only solution to your rapid fire needs coming in late November, we have already stocked up on official Microsoft Modern Warfare 3 Controllers. We have a nice stock of these and we believe there are going to be a huge demand for them. We are currently offering out premier 13 mode rapid fire chip and out new 3 mode programmable Jitter mod with this variation.We are also offering all the bells and whistles as add-ons. ROL colored LEDs and Colored Thumb-sticks.

Quickdrawmods V2.0 is Live

Posted by Administrator on 10/20/2011 to Quick News

Welcome to the new After 3 years we have finally expanded to a full service solution for gaming enhancement devices. I hope you find out products and selection to be most comprehensive and give you every option and solution you are looking for.

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 A Look Inside The Xbox One Controller.
 Xbox one and PS4 Rapid Fire Coming Soon.
 Holiday 2012 Video
 Playstation 3 Rapid Fire is HERE! Painkiller Carbon for PS3
 Transforming D-Pad Conversions, Kits and Pre-Mods for ANY CONTROLLER

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