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Black 13 Mode Rapid Fire Controller w/ Bullet Buttons

Part Number 00036013RDGLBTB
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Black 13 Mode Rapid Fire Controller w/ Bullet Buttons
Xbox 360 13 Mode Rapid Fire Controller Black w/ Bullet buttons
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This is our Black 13 Mode Rapid Fire Controller with Bullet Buttons !!!  Get loaded now
Mode 1: Super Fast mode (COD 5 and 6 12 sps)

Mode 2: Fast Call of duty 5, World at War (9 sps Rapid fire) also Call of Duty 4 (fastest It can go after Sept 3rd Patch)

Mode 3: COD 5, World at War Burst Mode. (Will Burst on any Shooter game)

Mode 4: Dual Trigger Rapid Fire on SINGLE TRIGGER. Pull the right trigger with  guns in both hands and both shoot - no need to use two hands to fire. Makes dual guns more accurate and easier to use. Perfect Akimbo Mode.

Mode 5: Dual Trigger rapid fire for games that have 2 weapons (right and left) Like Halo 3 (Duel Welding)

Mode 6: A Compatible Gears of War Mode (see videos)

Mode 7: Medium Rapid fire and RECOIL mode.  Recoil Mode will allow AUTOMATIC WEAPONS to be more accurate and reduce physics recoil on most guns.

Mode 8: Fast Rapid Fire - For other games (FPS) like Left For Dead, Orange Box and more. Best Mode for FAL in Modern Wargare Two.
Mode 9 - Rapid Fire Specifically Coded for Black Ops
Mode 10 - Dual Trigger Rapid Fire for Black Ops
Mode 11 - 3 Shot burst for Black Ops
Mode 12 - Dual Trigger on Single trigger rapid fire for Black Ops. Or for any game that supports Dual Wielding.  Perfect for Akimbos !!!
Mode 13 - Standard Controller
The New Thirteen mode Rapid Fire Controller is the same great nine and seven mode controller that you all have been buying and using in the last year. The 13 mode is a fresh update - tweaks shooting speeds - Full compatibility with modern warfare two and Call Of Duty Black Ops - just like the 9 mode all modes are compatible, but we have added two more very great important modes especially for modern warfare 2 as well as all these other great FPS games coming out with duel wielding weapon options.  Use Dual Akimbos'? Then Use Mode 4 or 12 on the new 13 mode.  Mode 4 and 13 will allow you to fire both (RIGHT AND LEFT HANDED) Akimbos' with only the right trigger on MW2 and Black Ops Respectively.  That makes it easier to play and keeps the spray and accuracy of the dual guns better than if you pull both triggers while playing.  Also added is recoil mode.  Our Rapid Fire modes already make any gun more accurate.  Bullets are all over the place with my competitors chips, my rapid fire chips have always made your shooting more accurate and now we have added another rapid fire mode that will work for semi auto weapons with a super fast shot rate and compatibility across numerous first person shooter games, but use it with automatic weapons with large recoil physics and the gun will become more accurate
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